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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  September 17, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. a tragic accident unfolding inside this maryland apartment and tonight police want it to serve as a warning to parents everywhere. in their own words two of the discovery building hostages speak out about what went down the day a madman nearly took their lives. and an alleged terror plot exposed, the target? the pope. we'll begin tonight with a
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tragic accident. good evening. i'm brian bolter. >> and i'm shawn yancy. a 17-month-old found dead in an apartment after having choked on something found in every house in america. >> reporter: despite the warnings experts say these accidents are a lot more common than you think. a child dies about once a month. in fact, it's considered one of the top five household hazards. the tragedy began unfolding just before noon in a bedroom of this ground floor silver spring apartment. >> the preliminary investigation is the little guy had been put down for a nap in his crib and had he gotten out of his crib and was playing with -- he had gotten out of his crib and was playing with the blinds cord and got caught up into it. >> reporter: caught up in the metal chain cord of a vertical blind, there was a frantic call to 911, but it was too late. the 17-month-old little boy did not survive and in this tight knit northwest park community full of children, the news is devastating. >> i'm so sad because i know
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the family very well and they have three children and the three children used to come here in my house. >> i'm so sorry for them. i don't know how they would feel. >> if that would happen to my kid, i don't know what i'd do. .com know what i'd do. >> reporter: police are investigating -- i don't know what i'd do. >> reporter: police are investigating, but it doesn't appear the parents will be charged. >> right now there are no signs of any kind of foul play. it just appears to be an absolutely tragic accident. >> are your window coverings safe? >> reporter: similar accidents happen so often the consumer product safety commission put out this public service announcement warning about the hazards of cords attached to all kinds of window coverings and the very real risk that kids could strangle on them. >> consumers should examine all window coverings in their home. >> reporter: for the first time now that agency is recommending that parents use only cordless window coverings just to be safe. now the fact that the chairman of that agency is asking the window covering industry itself
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to set new standards in place that would eliminate all the loops and cords to protect kids. brian? >> roz plater live in the newsroom. they were held hostage nearly four hours inside their own workplace. tonight two of the three men taken hostage in the discovery building are talking to fox 5 about their horrifying ordeal. fox 5's paul wagner has their story. >> you know, i almost called. >> reporter: jim mcnulty says he wasn't a hostage long before realizing if he was going to live, he had to come up with a story. >> the last thing i need to tell him is that i'm a producer. so i just thought i'd come up with something innocuous to make myself just kind of fading into the background, that i wasn't important. >> reporter: christopher wood said he did the same thing. >> i didn't want him to know what i did or how i affected discovery communications. so i said i was admin and he said what the hell does admin do and i said i file papers. >> i have a gun and i have a
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bomb. >> reporter: as lee ranted the hostages heard the police make contact. >> he made the guard put on speaker. so we heard every word of both sides between the negotiator and the police. >> reporter: lee told the men it was a good day to die and ordered both of them to stand. he wanted to know if they had kids. >> i already lied to him because i told him i was in scheduling and i didn't think i could keep track of two. so i said yes, sir, i have two. >> who told you to have kids? no one, sir. >> no one. you just went and did it. so what, nobody loved you? is that it? you had to make someone that would love you? he asked me if i had kids and i said now and he asked me are you going to have kids and i said no. he said can you promise me that and i said yes. i just was giving him anything, one word answers to get him to leave me alone. >> reporter: jim mcnulty says at one point he noticed the sleeve of a garment behind a pillar and realized s.w.a.t. was in the lobby. lee was wondering where they were. >> where are the snipers?
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you know, why don't i see snipers? you guys are going to be heros if you don't get out alive. >> reporter: with the tension riding christopher wood said he was determined to -- rising christopher wood said he was determined to make it out alive. he started to signal mcnulty and the security guard. >> he finally looked at me directly and i mouthed the word run to him and he shook his head yes. i then started making movements around my body just trying to get jim's attention. >> reporter: as the men bolted for the door police opened fire. lee fell dead. for mcnulty and wood it was answered prayers. >> obviously it was traumatic for everybody that was there, you know. we just happened to be the two in the most immediate danger, but all of my co-workers endured something really traumatic that day. >> reporter: paul wagner, fox 5 news. >> the third man held hostage that day has so far declined to tell his story. the security guard on duty. both mcnulty and wood praised him for staying calm. both call him a hero. the doctor shot at johns
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hopkins hospital is in fair condition tonight but investigators still don't know the motive behind the attack. baltimore police say paul pardus from arlington shot him, barricaded himself in a room, then killed himself and his mother jean. the doctor david cohen was her surgeon. >> really does come down to a question of his grief and the care of his mother. that really seems to be the central point of why this happened. >> since the shooting johns hopkins has pledged to review its security procedures in case any improvements would make patients safer. new tonight a rash of burglaries in fairfax county and police say one man is behind them all. 44 incidents since last august in the clifton, sully, fair oaks, reston and mcclain police districts. fox 5's maureen umeh is here now with the details. >> the suspect is entoiled and determined entering homes in the over-- bold and determined entering homes in the overnight hours.
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so far no one has been hurt, but police are afraid that could change. upscale neighbors in fairfax county targeted by one thief, homes, cars all hit. police say the suspect is taking advantage of easy opportunity. >> the homes that he's entering at night are all unlocked. the doors are unlocked or open, windows are open which basically makes an easy target for him. >> reporter: police say he's stealing purses and wallets going after just the cash and he's bold, too. some residents have reported seeing someone suspicious peering through windows. and yanking on car doors one after the other. >> the vehicles have mainly been locked, but there have been vehicles that are locked but they have purses or other valuable items sitting in plain sight and he is breaking the windows of those vehicles out, retrieving the items from inside and fleeing. >> reporter: police say so far there have been at least 44 incidents since august 24, 24 burglaries, 13 thefts from vehicles and two unlawful entries. they began in the clifton area
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and spread to the sully, fair oaks, and mcclain police districts. >> in our neighborhood in mcclain we've been very lucky and people still have an old- fashioned outlook and neighbors can come in and so on and i guess those days are over. >> reporter: veronica capon lives in one of the neighborhoods that has been hit. she's worried. >> of course, i'm concerned. my children are teenagers walking around the neighborhood and i don't want anything to be happening in our neighborhood. >> reporter: police say the suspect has been very good at disguising his identity. he's often covered in clothing from head to toe. this woman who didn't want to be identified of says her family is taking extra precautions. >> it's scary to think that what's perceived as a safe neighborhood is having problems and we all have to be on guard. we're bringing things in from our cars and locking our doors and making sure we don't leave our garage doors open, things like that. >> reporter: police one to be on alert and take good old- fashioned safety precautions making it harder for a burglar
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who so far seems to be getting away pretty easily. >> we don't go anywhere without locking up, having the alarm on, really being cautious. >> reporter: it is not known if the suspect is armed. police don't have a good description of him either, but they say they are following some clues they hope will help catch him. a medical emergency may have caused this violent crash in the district. the accident happened this afternoon on s street northwest. a minivan hit a taxi driver getting out of his parked cab. then the vehicle hit a parked car and slammed into a brick wall. both victims were rushed to the hospital in serious condition. investigators say the minivan driver appeared to be having a seizure. gunfire near the u.s. capitol today. police shot a man after they say he pulled a gun on them. tonight investigators are trying to figure out why he was armed and where he was going with that gun. fox 5's matt acquisition hundred dollar has details. -- acklund has details. >> reporter: it all happened
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around 5:00 this morning. the unidentified man was spotted by police near this check point at first and independence. the officers could seat man had a gun. as those -- see the man had a gun. as those officers took defensive positions and radioed for help, police say the man fled for the south where other officers found him. >> a few moments later around the same time at 5 a.m. officers in the area of second and c street in the southwest saw the man brandish the weapon directly at the officers. >> reporter: we're told police officers had no other choice but to fire their weapons when the man raised his gun and pointed it at them. >> they opened fire, hitting the man. he's been transported to a local area hospital. >> reporter: a source tells fox 5 the man was hit three times and received graze wounds to his head, chest and legs and his vehicle was taken to an impound lot to be searched for clues. police still don't know what the man was up to and are still trying to figure out why he was on capitol hill at such an early hour of the morning, but
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what they do know is the officers acted to protect their lives when they say the man pointed his gun at them. >> brandishing a weapon at a police officer usually doesn't end well and the officers do have to take into consideration whether their lives or in danger or the lives of the people immediately around are in danger. >> reporter: fox 5 news. capitol hill office buildings were locked down for a short period of time but opened up before most people came to work today. none of the officers involved in the shooting were injured. a possible terrorist plot against the pope tonight. police make a major bust ahead of his visit to britain. find out what police say a group of street cleaners were planning. bob? getting serious about segways in the city. i'm bob barnard with word of a federal lawsuit filed on behalf of sight seeing tour guides. don't miss this story. first it was restoring honor, now another rally looking to restore something else. the big named celebrity behind this one coming up. gary. >> thanks, brian.
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so, so nice out there today. big question, with the weekend upon success this good stuff going to last the next couple of days? we'll take a complete look at the forecast all coming up. fox 5 news at 10:00 continues. stay with us. j ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
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the pentagon says pope benedict xvi's historic visit to the uk will go on despite a suspected terror plot against the pontiff. six men have been arrested in connection with the threat. fox's greg burke has the latest from london. >> reporter: pope benedict got a good look at british power and porch friday during his four day trip to the united kingdom but away from his ceremony scotland yard swooped in on half a dozen suspects involved in a potential terror plot against the pontiff. street sweepers were at the heart of the investigation, none of them british. sky news reported some of them to be al jeerian. the pope's -- algerian.
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the pope's schedule remained unchanged. >> we are completely confident in the work of the police in scotland yard. there is no need to change anything about the program of the pope. >> reporter: security was already tight for the four day papal visit and anti-terror detectives performed new sweeps after the arrests. westminster hall is where the pope spoke to diplomats and political leaders including four former prepares. benedict insisted religious belief makes a vital contribution to the life of the nation and made a case for what he called the legitimate role of religion in the public square. while the pope was the subject of fierce attacks in the lead up to his visit, protests have been isolated so far and he's been generally well received. >> there was a lot of concern in the weeks leading up to the trip that there would be protests, that there was a lot of anger toward the pope. in fact, things have been mild, coverage has been friendly and so far it's a pleasant surprise i think for the vatican. >> reporter: the pope could face larger protests on saturday at public events. pope benedict said at the start
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of this trip he wasn't worried about any of the controversy surrounding it and from the vatican's point of view as long as none of the protests are massive, it can basically be considered a success. in london greg burke, fox news. new york city officials including the mayor and police commissioner are worried about a possible terror attack at the u.n. despite a massive $1.8 billion renovation now underway the spokesman says the u.n. has not adopted the city security recommendations for the headquarters campus and is not satisfied with the u.n.'s response. >> i think obviously the greatest concern is going to be some type of vehicle bomb or truck bomb that would be brought over to the u.n. >> the head of u.n. security says all the city's issues are being addressed but adds because the u.n. is an international organization, it can't be compelled to comply with the city's demands. a tour company is suing the district in federal court to strike down washington's sight seeing tour guides licensing laws calling them unconstitutional. new tonight fox 5's bob barnard has all the details.
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>> reporter: friday night in the nation's capital, a perfect time to explore the city by bus, segway or pedicab. >> over there is the washington monument. standing at 555 feet tall 5/8- inch. >> reporter: according to d.c. law bicycle riding tour guides like james houston -- >> over here is the american history museum. >> reporter: -- and ones leading sight seeing groups by segway must first obtain a $200 license, a regulation now challenged in court. >> in this country we decide on people to decide who we want to listen to, not on the government to decide who is allowed to speak. >> reporter: robert macnamara filed suit in federal court in washington a behalf of segs in the city, one of three tour companies operating in
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washington. >> if a tour guides wants to guide people through the city and happens to say hey, that's the australian embassy, at that point they become a criminal and can be thrown in jail for 90 days it. >> reporter: according to the new law, each of the tour guides must take and pass a 100 question multiple choice test covering 14 topics drawn from six books and pay that $200 licensing fee. what's on the test? >> questions about the city's architecture, the city's geography, the city's history or my personal favorite, the city's regulations. >> reporter: our attempts to get the city's side of this story were unsuccessful tonight. the plaintiffs say they've got the constitution on their side. >> the first amendment protects your right to communicate for living and that's true whether you're a journalist, stand-up comedian or a tour guide. >> reporter: in northwest, bob barnard, fox 5 news. >> by the way, the d.c. law also requires sight seeing tour guides to undergo criminal background checks, something else the plaintiffs consider
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heavy handed. daily show host jon stewart is planning a political rally on the national mall. he announced plans for his rally to restore sanity at his comedy -- and his comedy central partner stephen colbert is also holding an opposing march called keep fear alive. the rally will be held on october 30th hot on the heels of the rally held by glenn beck. he's supposed to bring joy to children but police say he's been doing something else, details on a clown in trouble with the law again. plus her story made headlines around the country. tonight this acid attack victim makes a stunning admission. the redskins and texans don't know each other very well on the football field, but off the field it's an entirely different story. i'll explain what that means next when the news at 10:00 returns. ksgo t
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america needs clean energy, and america needs jobs. wind power can deliver on both - but only if the senate encourages investment by passing a strong renewable electricity standard. with a strong res, we can keep 85,000 wind power workers on the job,
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and create hundreds of thousands of new jobs, too. jobs that america could really use right now. for american jobs, tell your senators to pass a renewable electricity standard today. the redskins are going for two wins in a row this sunday when they host the houston texans. >> it will be the third all time meeting between the two teams, the skins holding a 2-0
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advantage. lindsay murphy joins us with more on the game shaping up to be a family affair. >> there are so many ties within the two coaching staff that on sunday there will be a total of 10 coaches who were members of the same broncos staff back in 2002. so when you talk with players in the locker room, it seems they know what to expect because of some inside knowledge and that knowledge comes from skins offensive coordinator kyle shanahan who was on the texan staff for four years spending the last two as the team's offensive coordinator. he brought some of his texan styled offense to some of it in the lone star state. then you have mike shanahan and gary kubiak who also have an extremely close relationship. if you ask kubiak, mike shanahan has played a major role in his career. >> probably everything i know from a pro football standpoint as a football coach is from mike, not only played for him as a player, but he gave me my chance in san francisco to coach quarterbacks there, you know, and took me to denver to be his coordinator. i wasn't ready, but he made me ready real fast in the way he
10:25 pm
made me go about my business and helping me and, you know, just owe a great deal to him. >> i knew he would be a very good head football coach and you can see each year they're getting better. so i'm really proud of the job he's done and i think houston is really proud of him. >> just an update at practice today albert haynesworth was back. he sprained his ankle on wednesday. he practiced today but he's listed as questionable for sunday. who knows? i think that's a game time decision. >> he just stays in the headlines, doesn't he? >> can't get away from him. he say clown with a pretty serious rap sheet and -- is a clown with a pretty serious rap sheet and he should have been under supervision. find out why the court said no one has been watching this man for years. new york takes a pounding. powerful storms leave a 14-mile trail of destruction. plus if you're planning to head out of town for the holidays, you need to act fast if you don't want to pay some sky high prices. wa
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words alone aren't enough. our job is to listen and find ways to help workers who lost their jobs to the spill. i'm iris cross. we'll keep restoring the jobs, tourist beaches, and businesses impacted by the spill. we've paid over $400 million in claims and set up a $20 billion independently-run claims fund. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. i'm gonna be here until we make this right.
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you're watching fox 5 news at 10:00. a strange twist at a hearing for a man trusted to spend time with children. alphonzo pittman, aka fonzie the clown has been on probation convicted of a child sex offense, but as fox 5's beth parker reports, no one was monitoring him. >> reporter: d.c. kids know him as fonzie the clown, a popular entertainer at children's birthday parties, but this woman says her 15th birthday was not a happy occasion. she says family friend alphonzo pittman fondled her. >> he felt on me and i said no, you're not going to do this. >> reporter: the court acquitted pittman. in her 2003 case his supporters said all along he is innocent.
10:30 pm
seven years later the woman said she has just finished college and is working to put all of this behind her. >> i had nine miserable whole years just thinking he was coming back to get me. >> reporter: court records show pittman was also acquitted of third degree sex offense in 1998, a different case with another accuser. in 2006 he was convicted of misdemeanor child sex offense in d.c. he spent time in a halfway house and was sentenced to five years' probation but kept right on working as a clown. turns out the paperwork in that case never made it from the courts to the court services and offenders supervision agency. that's d.c.'s parole and probation office. since pittman never reported for probation and the government never tracked him down, no one has been monitoring him. normally a convicted sex offend we're have to meet with a parole officer and have his computer activity monitored. in august pittman was charged again accused of brokenning a
10:31 pm
14-year-old inside his clown -- groping a 14-year-old inside his clown and balloon store. >> i'm not angry. i'm upset with the justice system. >> reporter: the judge was upset, too and wondered aloud if the most recent case could have been prevented. she told the court, "i am so unhappy. if there is one thing we are supposed to do, all of us, it is to prevent and protect and that has not happened." about an hour after the judge's harsh words authorities were at pittman's business on kennedy street northwest. they took away computer equipment. in court the prosecutor said the government will be searching that equipment for evidence such as pornography. beth parker, fox 5 news. >> a spokesman for the agency that handles parole in d.c. told fox 5 today it is not clear why pittman wasn't being monitored. the judge ordered him held in jail until his next hearing on october 1st. more charges coming for the serial stabbing suspect and murder is expected to be added
10:32 pm
to the list. police say abulazam is responsible for a series of attacks a doctors ohio and michigan and virginia. right now -- across ohio and michigan and virginia. right now he's only charged with one attack. now a stunning confession from the washington state woman who claimed a stranger threw acid on her face burning her badly. she now admits she did it to herself. fox 5 laura evans in our newsroom with the story. >> she went to the cops two weeks ago with a story everyone including her parents believed. donations started to pour in. the search for a suspect was underway. then the cops started to realize the story just didn't add up. well, tonight for the first time her parents are speaking out. >> nancy and i are deeply sorry. we're going through very tough times. >> reporter: two weeks ago bethany storro appeared in front of the press heavily bandaged and fragile, family by her side. she said she refused to be a victim. >> i can't let what she did to
10:33 pm
me wreck my life, you know. that is not fair. >> reporter: storro suffered severe burns august 30th changing the appearance of her face. the next day storro's mother shared details of the alleged attack as it was explained to her. >> a woman approached her and said hey, pretty girl, and she turned around and the woman said would you like to drink this? >> reporter: but the story the 28-year-old told police didn't quite check out. police logged hundreds of hours on the case yet couldn't find the attacker storro described. >> she was african american and she had black hair pulled back into a pigtail. >> reporter: cops said the acid patterns were more consistent with the liquid being poured or rubbed rather than splashed. while vancouver investigators were searching her home thursday, storro fessed up. >> ms. storro admitted that her injuries were self-inflicted. >> she is extremely upset and
10:34 pm
very remorseful, in many ways it's something that just got bigger than what was expected. >> reporter: detectives say her lies spiraled out of control. her patients say it's clear she has deep emotional and psychological problems and they still support her. >> we will lean on our faith and family and friends and our community to get our daughter the medical attention that she needs and the counseling that she deserves. >> now she can begin to heal because the truth has been revealed. >> reporter: her family says it's still unclear why bethany did this. they're hoping doctors can help answer that. her parents also said tonight all the donations that poured in from all around the world will be returned. >> thank you. a lawyer for natalee holloway's mother said his client confronted joran van der sloot about her daughter's death. beth twite's lawyer said twite went to the prison for an interview but van der sloot
10:35 pm
refused. it's said twitty's name does not appear on the registry. sick of getting swindled by the fine print? tonight the president is looking out for you. details on the plan to fight the credit card company coming up next. fierce winds and pounding rain hammer the new york city area. tonight we know if a tornado caused all that damage. but first wall street ends the week on an up note. neil cavuto has details in tonight's business report. >> inflation staying in check, consumer prices rising by a fraction last month. when you strip out volatile food and energy prices so- called core inflation was flat. did you hear about this, gold hitting another all time high today $1,280 an ounce but look at silver at a 30 year high. guys, costume jewelry. general motors is putting more than 400 people back to work at a tennessee engine plant. gm invested nearly half a billion bucks to expand the factory. the dow rising 50 points today to cap off the third straight
10:36 pm
winning week, the dow soaring 450 points during this remarkable stretch. boeing landing a big deal, the planemaker selling 50 of those 737 jets to the russians. the price tag, nearly 4 billion bucks. planes are selling and so are tractors. caterpillar's worldwide sale soaring 37% last quarter. that's business. i'm neil cavuto. ♪ ♪
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the samsung fascinate. only at verizon. president obama tapped an old friend to build a new agency aimed at protecting consumers today. he named harvard professor elizabeth warren the new consumer protection czar. her goal? keep wall street in check. fox 5's tom fitzgerald has the story. >> reporter: credit card companies, mortgage lenders and
10:40 pm
anyone else in the financial world just got a new person to answer to. >> the consumer financial protection bureau will be a watchdog for the american consumer. >> reporter: at the white house president obama called elizabeth warren a friend from law school, tapped her as his new consumer protection advisor. >> thank you, mr. president. >> reporter: the president says the agency will make sure financial companies are treating their customers fairly, especially after the collapses in the housing credit and banking markets. >> never again will folks be confused or misled by the pages that are in barely understandable fine print that you find in agreements for credit cards or mortgages or student loans. >> to take the approach that the bar was always right -- the borrower was always right i think is mistaken. >> reporter: he says warren is too much of a wall street foe to now work with the industry and worries her appointment sends the wrong message to consumers.
10:41 pm
>> once again the argument that some silver bullet regulator will come in and protect us from our own errors i think is just incorrect. >> reporter: but critics are taking issue not only with who is being named to this new consumer protection position, but how because as only an advisor to president obama, elizabeth warren does not have to be confirmed by the u.s. senate. the president says warren will help him set up the new agency and choose its first leader. some senators say anyone with that much power should have to answer to lawmakers first. >> this is like the czar of all czars and so let's just talk about process. the fact is this person, the process is being circumvented because the president knows that this person could not be confirmed. >> reporter: and while the president was careful not to call elizabeth warren a czar, the role she'll be creating could soon make her the new wizard of wall street. in washington tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. here's what we're working
10:42 pm
on for the news edge at 11:00. >> i don't know anything. we just heard two people shooting and we're barricaded in a room. >> the dramatic calls to baltimore police after a doctor was shot at johns hopkins hospital. plus lady gaga gets political calling for congress to repeal the military's ban on gay troops, why this singer had a hard time getting her message across. and coffee lovers rejoice, why that latte may add years to your life if you're a woman. rd9
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rd9 [music throughout] finding what you love makes you happy. saving up to 60% every day makes you homegoods happy. ♪ tell it to go on may look like tornado alley, but this damage was done up in new jersey. the national weather service confirmed a tornado did touch down near trenton last night. storms from that same system also slammed new york city pulling down trees and power lines and late tonight we're just getting word authorities confirmed two tornadoes struck the big apple during this
10:46 pm
storm. fox's tiwah chang has the story want. >> reporter: the sounds of the day after the big storm in queens, chainsaws cutting the dozens of trees felled by the storm. on nearly every block in forest hills trees were down and on some streets like 110th all the trees on the block were ripped out by the winds that weathercasters say approached 100 miles an hour. the tops of the trees on this block were snapped like twigs, a possible sign of a tornado. greg sekar started the process of cutting one of the six trees that fell down on his property. >> there are some trees in the back there which i won't be able to handle and we'll see about some other people doing that for us. >> reporter: he cut his trees, a job considered dangerous for nonprofessionals, because he could not get through to a private contractor or to 311. he did not know how long it would take the city to remove the trees. the widespread damage did
10:47 pm
require widespread response. in addition to private contractors, some police emergency teams or esu were cutting trees that blocked streets. regina porter watched officers cut the tree that took out her electricity. >> these are the first policemen i've seen since it started. >> reporter: did you call 311 or 911? >> i just called about an hour or two ago. >> reporter: 911 or 311? >> 311. >> reporter: they did send them over? >> i guess so much it's a possibility, but i guess enough calls will make them come out. >> reporter: tens of thousands of homes are without electricity in queens. >> the city was prepared. emergency response was there cleaning up today 400 odd people working parks, sanitation, police, fire, dep. we're talking about a developing story right now. >> hurricane karl made landfall today in mexico near the city
10:48 pm
of veracruz. the packing windstorm brought high waves to the coastal areas and forced the closure of the country's largest power plant and several oil facilities in the gulf. you've been watching that for a while, gary. >> yeah. it's now tropical storm karl. i don't know if you talked about that in the copy there, but it's tropical storm karl. it was a major hurricane karl this morning, so it's rapidly weakened after making landfall down there in mexico and we have igor which is going to be sliding along the east coast this weekend. we won't see any clouds from igor, but you wouldn't have to go too far out into the atlantic to start seeing some of those clouds from that large hurricane and by chance if you're planning a trip over to the shore this weekend, the coast will be rough, but the surf will be up. there will be a good chance for those rip currents out there. so if you're going to be out at the beach getting in the water, watch out for the rip currents. it will be a little bit rough. we won't have any wind from
10:49 pm
igor, but it will be passing offshore this weekend and hopefully it will stay just far enough to the west of bermuda that they won't take such a pounding, but it does look like igor is going to affect berthoud a for at least part of the weekend, if not most of the -- bermuda for at least part of the weekend, if not most of the weekend. this is our forecast for the weekend. look at this, loads of sunshine. there is a frontal system back to the northwest, but for tomorrow we are firmly protected under high pressure. as we start getting into sunday and sunday evening, this frontal system is going to come down and get a little closer to us and right along the front it looks dry. so we don't have to worry about any rain, but there will be a few clouds coming in and it looks like by sunday afternoon we could get some high clouds, even some midlevel clouds. there could be a time on sunday, especially north and west of the city, that you could become mostly cloudy late in the afternoon simply because some of the cloud cover surrounding this front. cooler behind the front for monday, but ahead of the front
10:50 pm
on sunday our temperatures will jump right up into the middle 80s. not the middle 80s for tomorrow, though, very nice, almost picture perfect september weather for us. we start off chilly with temperatures tonight and tomorrow morning in the upper 50s and lower 60s. we'll max out in the upper 70s and the lower 80s, a cloud or two. other than that just brilliantly blue sky. a little warmer on sunday and notice a bit of an increase in clouds here ahead of that frontal system, but we should stay dry. nice out in the suburbs. look where the temperature has already cooled down close to the 50s, manassas 61 degrees, culpeper 63, martinsburg 63 and up in frederick you guys down to 61 already. 71 here in town. let me show you where the cool stuff is, great falls, montana, 36 degrees. they had some snow there this morning and some mixture of rain and notice, too. fargo is 46, international falls 43. we briefly get into some of this air, not this cold, but on monday that front will bring a little cooler air in just for
10:51 pm
one day and then we'll warm up for next week it looks like and we'll jump right back to the middle 80s. here's what i'm talking about. coming across montana this morning and even into parts of north dakota you can see that mixture, the white and pink indicating a snow and rain mix. now not a lot fell there and a lot of it melted, but it's kind of given you the indication we are beginning to turn the corner into fall and that's going to arrive here pretty soon. so cool tonight with clear skies over us and that will allow again temperatures to fall down to about 60 degrees here in down. it will be cooler than that in the suburbs. we're talking lower 50s in especially western neighborhoods by early tomorrow morning. beautiful tomorrow, high temperature takes us to 81 degrees. winds will be variable at 5 to 10. sunny and cool tomorrow morning, 61 to start at 8 a.m. that's jacket weather. if you get up early and go for your morning walk or even out to get the paper, if anybody
10:52 pm
gets the paper anymore, it will be very chilly out there, but we warm up quite nicely quickly under all that sunshine. warmer on sunday, 84. we cool off a little bit on monday, 80, but tuesday and wednesday of next week temperatures go right back up into middle 80 s. looks real good for the redskins game on sunday. i would suspect game temperatures 83 degrees and cooling down to 73 later in the day. we all know texting behind the wheel can be tay dangerous as drunk driving -- dangerous as drunk driving. the event called national two second turnoff day today. taking your eyes off the road just two seconds doubles your chances of getting into a crash. the tea party's impact on the midterm elections and the man known as the architect of the republican party both hot topics on this fox news sunday. earlier today i spoke with host
10:53 pm
chris wallace. chris wallace joins us now. you guys have a lot to talk about this week following the primary elections. who is on the show? >> we are going to talk to christine o'donnell, the newest star in the political firm amount. she just -- firmament. she just won that big victory up in delaware supported by the tea party and grassroots activists, beat a big establishment two term governor of delaware. one, it's kind of a battle for the future of the republican party between the establishment and the tea party. secondly, she's a big underdog now in delaware and if she can't win that state, chances are republicans can't win back the senate. so there are real national implications. we'll talk to christine o'donnell on sunday. >> talk a little bit about you kind of alluded to it there, a lot of people are saying her primary win could potentially be a win for democrats. >> well, that's exactly right. this is the old joe biden seat.
10:54 pm
it's a democratic seat and this was one that was expected to go from democrat to republican because the person was expected to be the republican was mike castle, a two time governor of delaware, a nine term congressman moderate republican and thought to be very popular. in fact, joe biden's son beau bide be didn't run to succeed his -- biden didn't run to succeed his father because everybody thought mike castle was a shoe-in. it gives the democrats in that race now a much better chance to win which means they would have a much better chance to hold onto the senate. >> we also understand you've got a long term washington insider on the show this weekend. >> yeah. karl rove. we'll talk to him about 2010, 2012. sarah palin has had a lot of endorsement victories and if her candidates do well in november, could she become the frontrunner for the republican nomination for president? interestingly enough, rove has also been very critical of christine o'donnell even though she's a republican.
10:55 pm
we'll talk to him about all of that. >> and you can catch all the political debate this sunday at 9 a.m. here on fox 5 following fox 5 morning news. you may have just come back from summer vacation, but it's already time to book your holiday get-away. we have the deals coming up next. and a terrifying scene unfolds along the highway when a toddler crawls into the busy road. see what happens next on the news edge. >> today's five-day forecast is brought to you by your local dodge, jeep and chrysler dealers. ceusme
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if your holiday plans include traveling out of town, now is the time to make your reservations because traveling around the holidays is never cheap. fox's brenda butner shares strategies for making the most of your money. >> reporter: the golden rule of booking flights for the holidays is to book early. if you see a good deal, pounce on it. for thanksgiving now is the time to lock in that low air
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fare and for christmas travel experts recommend booking by early october. >> i suggest if you're flying during christmas, that you go the week before christmas, go spend the weekend and spend the holiday, christmas with your family and try to be back before new year's. >> reporter: don't limit yourself to major airports. you may find secondary airports are cheaper to fly to than the larger international ones. if you're not going home for the holidays, be flexible with your destinations. websites like are offering deals to places like cancun. >> if you want to go to cancun from new york or chicago or dallas right now, seven nights, you're still looking at under $1,000 for seven nights, four star hotel per couple. >> reporter: travelers should also watch out for those peak holiday surcharges that came into effect last year. many major airlines add the extra charge for traveling on specific days, but incl


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